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FDM 4.0Frankfurt am Main, 17. January 2014: Framesoft is very pleased to announce the introduction and rollout of the Framesoft Document Management (FDM) Version 4.0 at the end of the first quarter this year.

The new FDM Version 4.0 constitutes a major FDM release update & will offer the following new or enhanced features & functionalities:

  • New & enhanced FDM Screen Layout
  • New Search & Filtering options
  • Dynamic Document & e-File profile(s) configuration with freely configurable set of attributes
  • User customizable views for document & e-File lists as well as search results including sorting, grouping and filtering
  • Saving of personal user settings
  • Paging of e-File / folder or FDM Search Results displayed
  • "Drop Zone" for inserting documents into FDM directly via drag & drop functionality
  • Directly copy or move selected document(s) from a FDM folder to another via drag & drop feature
  • Personal bookmark creation for documents, folder & e-Files via drag & drop functionality
  • Enhanced bulk document check-in feature
  • Document Preview
  • Navigation through IE browser history fully supported
  • Simplified FDM Search
  • Create new document versions via FDM Virtual File System
  • Automatic feedback e-Mails for FDM E-Mail Integration
  • and many more enhanced features
  • FDM Integration with MS Office 2010
  • FDM Integration with MS Outlook 2010
  • Availability of the FDM database export tool

Get in contact with us for a live demonstration of FDM at: Contact Us