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Framesoft Confirmation Generator (FCG) is a software application that supports financial institutions in the process of producing and administering legally binding short or long form trade confirmations for for all kinds of financial instruments (e.g. Over-The-Counter financial instruments such as interest rate, credit and equity derivatives, repo and securities lending, etc.)

FCG supports the complete workflow associated with generating, adapting and releasing confirmations. Confirmations can then be dispatched automatically by various delivery channels





  • Complete Workflow Support for generating, adapting, releasing and automatically dispatching confirmations via various channels.
  • Transparency of workflow & Task Status - usage of different working / process lists provide an overview of the confirmations process and its status as well as allow manual intervention where necessary
  • To-Do-Lists for actions to be taken before dispatching the generated confirmations, e.g. editing, signing / 4-eye-approval / sign-off / resending can be configured
  • Watch-Lists for tasks related to matching incoming confirmations & tracking the chaser processes
  • Data & Documentation based task definitions & execution based on organization specific and configurable workflows
  • Long Term vs. Short Term Confirmations - based on received trade & CP data the availability of required data & valid master agreement is checked to decide whether a short or long form confirmation is generated
  • Matrix management of mandatory & optional documentation and its approval as well as distribution channel dependent on process / product type
  • Approval process management including insertion & versioning of additional, externally created documents into workflow
  • Complete audit trail allows the location and status of a confirmation in the workflow process at any given time
  • HighestStraight through Processing (STP) levels via provision of complete data model & integration into existing corporate infrastructure
  • Real-time interfaces to Client’s Middle / Back Office or Trade Systems guarantee secure automated retrieval of confirmation critical trade & counterparty (CP) data
  • Standard interfaces to trading, middle-office & legal systems & report generation allow the export of detailed information such as outstanding trades by counterparty & days, or trades not referenced by a master agreement
  • Secure counterparty specific dispatch of confirmations using real-time interfaces to client’s fax server, E-Mail server, Facsimile, Web Sites or Message Channels such as SWIFT / DTCC / SMS / etc.
  • Easily configurable interfaces by using advanced configuration tools based on standard technologies like XML- or SQL-based two-way data exchange
  • Data Consistency and Integrity Checks are applied
  • Supporting the matching process of incoming countersigned confirmations via FCGs Scanning Solution (including bar code)
  • Availability of Java & Web based FCG clients optimized for specific use cases
  • Multilingual templates are populated with key data & predefined conditional text components, ensuring data consistency & correct legal wording for all generated documents. Every Confirmation will be generated by using XML-based document templates ensuring future proof storage & reusability
  • High speed product management & related creation or amendment of documentation templates. Any template based trade types and events can be quickly introduced or amended by trained users without programming experience
  • Complete Archive - all confirmations & associated documents are stored & archived in the underlying database
  • Extensive Reporting Capabilities
  • Access to document history / versions


FCG is seamlessly / tightly integrated with Framesoft Document Management (FDM) allowing the automated archiving of generated documentation.