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The Framesoft Document Generator (FDG) is a unique software application that supports the whole lifecycle of any kind of document generation within an environment of data capture & data editing, including workflow management & archiving.

It supports the typical engineering techniques of creating new documents based on inheritance and modification of existing structures. Workflows associated with the creation of documents can be freely configured.

The Framesoft Document Generator (FDG) consists of the following core elements:

1. Integrated Workflow Engine

  • Organization specific, configurable workflows for data & documentation tasks, informing about new tasks directly or e-Mail notifications
  • Sophisticated overview screens of the entire documentation generation process
  • Fast and flexible user defined search functionality
  • Organizational Structures are reflected in the Administration of users, groups and profiles
  • Approval Process Management supporting the complete workflow of the generation process incl. insertion & versioning of external documents
  • Finely grained privilege management system with role & user based authorization

2. High Speed Document Generator

  • Matrix management of mandatory & optional documentation & approval and distribution channel dependent on process / document type
  • Text block assembly configurator for high speed product management & related creation or amendment of document templates
  • Form assembly management modules for high speed management & creation of data capture screens
  • Sophisticated and extendable data model for fast and easy set-up of new process and data types as well as static data requirements
  • High speed & volume server side document generation as well as parallel generation of large documents
  • Integration of Charts / Graphics based on real time data

3. Integration Module

  • High level of straight through processing (STP) achievable by provision of complete data model & integration into existing corporate legacy infrastructure
  • Completely configurable set of distribution channels to internal & external information providers, corporate web sites, exchanges, etc.
  • Automatic e-Mail creation for distribution of documentation and related information

 4. Complete Audit Trail