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Zug, 31st March 2014: Framesoft proudly announces the Go Live of Phase I of Framesoft Contract Repository (FCR) at one of Africa's largest financial institutions. Based on its decision to license the Framesoft Contract Repository (FCR) in the beginning of January 2014 the implementation of the phase I requirements were conducted in December, January & February and the customer user acceptance test phase took place this March. Based on the successful conclusion of the UAT test phase FCR (Phase I) the successful Go Live has been conducted as planned at the end of Q1 2014.

The Phase 1 of the FCR implementation was focusing on providing the following functionalities:

  • Replacement of existing solution including data migration
  • Central Counterparty system integration via message bus
  • Master Agreement Consolidation in FCR
  • Storing of all related documentation in the FCR Archiving Module

FCR Phase 2, just started, will address the following features:

  • Legal Opinion Analysis to define netting rules
  • Netting output for Liquidation- & Collateral purposes
  • Group wide FCR usage