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boerseMigration to TARGET2-Securities: Leading European supplier of post-trading services went live with new version of Framesoft Repo & SecLending (FRS)

Frankfurt, 6 February 2017: One of Europe's largest clearing houses went live with LMS 8.1, based on Framesoft Repo & SecLending (FRS).
As part of the company-wide migration of settlements to TARGET2-Securites, ECB’s new settlement platform, LMS is now processing bookings on T2S.

New in LMS 8.1:

  • adaption of bookings and feedback processing to T2S
  • enhancement of ASL allocation process
  • enhancement of customer reporting
  • observance of minimum settlement unit and settlement unit multiples in trade openings and returns
  • base technology upgrade

LMS is the platform for KAGplus, the fully automated lending system for investment trust companies and ASL, the Automated Securities Lending, offered by our client.

Since 1999, FRS is in productive use, called 'LMS' in the customized version. FRS provides powerful base functionalities which are one element of the 18 years - and still ongoing - success story of FRS with this customer. FRS offers a wide range of features needed for successful and economically efficient securities lending:

  • automatic position keeping
  • holding and providing market data (e.g. prices)
  • fully automated allocation of lender inventory to borrower requests
  • transfer of trading data to / receive of feedback from backoffice systems via stable state-of-the-art interfaces
  • a bunch of standard reports, easily customized
  • automatic collateral calculating and reporting based on the newest available market data
  • automatic calculation of lending fees
  • provision of customer specific risk data
  • automatic check of assets for eligibility to serve as collateral