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Leading European supplier of post-trading services went live with new version of Framesoft Repo & SecLending (FRS)

Frankfurt, 29 April 2013: One of Europe's largest clearing houses went live with LMS 7.1, based on Framesoft Repo & SecLending (FRS)

Since 1999, FRS is in productive use, called "LMS" in the customized version. FRS is based on FON (Framesoft Online Negotiation & Collaboration) providing the powerful base functionalities which are one element of the 13 year - and still ongoing - success story of FRS with this customer. FRS offers a wide range of features needed for successful and economically efficient securities lending: 

  • Automatic position keeping
  • Holding and providing market data (e.g. prices)
  • Fully automated allocation of lender inventory to borrower requests
  • Transfer of trading data / receive of feedback from BO system interfaces
  • Bunch of standard reports, easily customized
  • Auto. collateral calculating & reporting based on newest market data
  • Automatic calculation of lending fees
  • Provision of customer specific risk data
  • Automatic check of assets for eligibiliy to serve as collateral

New in LMS 7.1:

  • Enhancement of the multi currency ability
  • Go-Live of a new type of collateral report
  • Billing details are added to the Monthly Fee Report (configurable)
  • Technical FON upgrades

The concept phase for LMS 7.2 has already begun, go-live will take place in November 2013.