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fsp 63Frankfurt, 13. July 2015 - a new FSP Release has been deployed to one of the world's largest investment banks.

The new FSP Release Version 7.6 provides the following newly configured and extended functionalities:

                • Swiss Base Prospectus upgrade
                • Extension of product scope by a new set of products providing a high grade of product variety.
                • Extended Web Service support for automated triggered product upload
                • Extension of fully automated documentation test tool suite
                • Enhancements of automated Graphical User Interface tests

The planning of the upcoming FSP Release 7.7 scheduled for December 2015 has already been started.

db tuermeFrankfurt am Main, 06.06.2015: One of the world's largest investment banks went live with FSP Fee Management 1.2 (FFM). FFM is a solution for institutions selling financial products via third parties which therefore claim fees based on distribution agreements.

For the 1.2 Release multiple enhancements were implemented, among others:

  • New Supplement Agreement Request Workflow, to request a Supplement Agreement for an existing or new Distributor, e.g. by a sales person
  • Trailer Evaluation Templates now provide a flexible solution to adjust the approval and evaluation of fees to the evaluation periods of the products (Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annually, Annually) and ensure that the evaluation matches to the product's evaluation
  • Enhancements to the Client Statements Workflow to sent out statements depending on the approval and calculation status of the fees
  • Enhancements to the Product Approval screens allowing faster approvals by trading
  • Integration of the Framesoft Document Management 

The web client was enhanced to enable the usage of the same logic between rich- and web- clients.

The conception phase for FFM 1.3 has already begun, the go-live is planned for Q2/2016.


spconflon2015London, 6. February 2015: Framesoft exhibited at the 12th Annual European Structured Products & Derivatives Conference 2015 ( The conference took place in London on 5th & 6th February 2015. Framesoft presented its full range of solutions to the European structured investment products industry. Especially, the solutions

that support financial institutions in the process of engineering & issuing derivatives products and generating all necessary documentation were in the main focus.


db tuermeFrankfurt am Main, 15. December 2014: Two new FSP Releases 7.3 & 7.4 have been rolled out in October and December to one of the world's largest investment banks.

The new FSP releases 7.3 & 7.4 offer newly configured or extended functionalities such as:

  • Multilanguage capabilities offering the possibility to configure master & sub templates in order to define the overall logic for the generation of documents to be provided in multiple languages.
  • Provision of issuing capabilities for French issuances including workflow support, automatic document generation & interface support
  • Provision of issuing capabilities for Tokyo Private Placements including workflow support, automatic document generation & interface support
  • Workflow capabilities to support automatic issuing process in Austria (OEKB)
  • Redesign of FSP's Web Access Module
  • New workflow functionalities enhancing the approval process for different user groups (e. g. Treasury)
  • New version of FSP base technology (FON)

The implementation of the next FSP release 7.5 which is scheduled for March 2015 has already been started.


goal 2014 sgSingapore, 24 September 2014: Framesoft also exhibited at the Global Litigation Conference & Exhibition 2014 in Singapore. The conference will take place on 24 - 25 September 2014. Framesoft presented its full range of solutions to the Asian Legal industry. Especially, the solutions

were in the focus.