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Geneva, 03 October 2007: Framesoft exhibited at the 2nd Structured Products Switzerland Conference 2007. The SP Conference enabled Framesoft to present the full range of Framesoft Contract Management Solutions to the Swiss structured investment products industry.

Zug, 13-14 September 2007: The annual Framesoft user group meeting took place at Framesoft Group Head Office in Zug, Switzerland.

Delegates from the majority of Framesoft´s customers were present.

Frankfurt, 18 June 2007: One of Europe’s largest investment banks went live with Framesoft Legal Matter Management (FLM)

Framesoft Legal Matter Management is based on Framesoft's Base Technology Platform FON, and provides an integrated management tool for standardized entry, tracking and reporting of Legal Matters / Cases. It covers the complete Legal Reporting cycle from:

  • Periodical requests for Corporate Legal wide Legal Matter Reporting
  • Regional / Divisional initiation of the Legal Reporting process cycle
  • Creation / Update of Legal Matters by designated members of staff
  • Optional Local workflow / Approval support
  • Regional / Divisional Quality Check and delivery to Corporate Legal Department
  • Corporate quality checks, consolidation and Management Reporting
  • Generation and submission of reports (Auditors Report, Management Report, Financial Reporting etc.)

FLM is capable of setting up and handling all types of Legal Matters, e.g. such as (Non) Litigations, Regulatory Matters, Subpoenas and Internal Investigations as well as Complaints and other types. FLM supports the regional or divisional entry / search / tracking and reporting of Legal Matters in the process of creating reports of selected Legal Matters and supports the workflow of these reports (tracking of reporting responsibilities).

All Legal Matters are entered into the FLM via standardized and region specific entry forms with a region / division based predefined set of matter types / matter fields.

The customer is using FLM for its global legal reporting by over 250 users worldwide.

Brussels 19 April 2007: Fortis, one of Europe's largest financial institutions, has decided to implement Framesoft Structured Products (FSP) as part of its Automation of Securities Documentation Project.

FSP is Framesoft's answer to the growing number of issues of more and more complex Structured Products via EMTN Programmes or Certificates. With FSP, issue documentation becomes a highly automated and much better controlled process with the highest level of STP achievable. At the same time, procedures for checking and escalating critical issues, approving them and creating the documentation get aligned with each other by virtue of FSP's workflow engine.

Brussels 19 April 2007: Fortis, one of Europe's largest financial institutions, has decided to upgrade to Framesoft Contract Repository 2 (FCR2).

After running FCR for more than 9 years, achieving a significant netting benefit, FCR2 will support the rapidly growing global user basis and increase working efficiency.