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Framesoft Financial Research (FFR) is a powerful platform for managing the analysis of financial data designed specifically for Financial Research departments. FFR provides an integrated platform for covering the complete lifecycle of creating and distributing of Financial Research publications.



The creation of financial research products requires an extensive data inventory comprising both internal data as well as financial data obtained from external sources.  FFR integrates such external data with company data and estimations prepared internally. This enables financial analysts to access the data inventory using the intuitive FFR user interface or familiar tools such as MS Excel. 


Research Repository

  • Collection of data relevant for financial research in the FFR repository
    incl. Master Data, Variable Data (e.g. accounting data, related estimates / price histories / indicators derived) and Documents (Research Reports, Publications, etc.)
  • FFR Data Model has been structured to meet the specific requirements of financial research queries in order to minimize the response time
  • Provision of a rich set of functionalities
    to manage financial research data such as interfaces to external market data provider & supporting direct data entry
  • Calculation of derived indicators


Financial Publishing

  • Workflow Control & Management
  • Comprehensive workflow engine
    for managing the publishing process including tasks assignments together with due dates, escalations & reviews dependent on defined parameters & publication status
  • Administration of financial data / related estimates
  • Interface to MS Excel for in-depth analysis
  • Creation of publications & publication components
  • Distribution of publications using various media
  • Workflows can be configured without programming in near real time. 
  • Execution & Validation
    Setup of complex calculation rules based on the financial parameters or data held in the FFR research repository. Calculation result sets can be validated against defined rules or limits.
  • Template Management
    Setting up, editing & managing XML based templates components in a very dynamic & flexible way. These templates are the basis for the generation of complex publications. FFR provides a sophisticated template editor allowing the usage of data driven variables, data fields, conditions, sub-templates, and many more.
  • Document Generation & Publication
    All required documentation & publication can be generated by FFR automatically combining the defined templates with the data from the FFR Data Repository.
  • Generated publications (in PDF, MS Office or customer specific file format)
    can be distributed to internal or external subscribers or interested parties by using  distribution channels such as Framesoft Document Management (FDM), Automatically generated E-Mail, Instant Message, Customer specific Interfaces, Printer or Facsimile, Automated delivery to external system or other channels.