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Framesoft’s product & services portfolio is strongly focusing on the financial services industry and covers the complete life cycle of a software solution, ranging from supporting the early conceptual application design stages, to the delivery and integration of the application into the client’s infrastructure. 

Framesoft is also capable offering application support requested by a customer such as 1st, 2nd or 3rd level production as well as business / user support. Additionally, Framesoft offers to run its application as ASP service based on its advanced cloud infrastructure located in Switzerland.


The following fully integrated solutions are offered:

    • Business Process Management
    • Collaboration & Online Negotiation
    • Document Generation
    • Contract Management
    • Netting
    • Financial Product Creation & Structuring
    • Document Management & Archival
    • (OTC) Trading & Sales
    • Securities Lending & Collateral Trading
    • Financial Research
    • Resource Management
    • Legal & Compliance Matter Management
    • Client Portfolio Management
    • Fee Management


Framesoft was founded in 1996 with the goal to create technology solutions for innovative, fast-growing areas within the financial services industry. Framesoft solutions are built on a foundation of core modules (Frameworks) enabling rapid application development to meet the ever evolving needs in these markets. 

Framesoft’s mission is to maximize the benefits of external technology provision for our clients, by applying the Framesoft Framework strategy.