Welcome to Framesoft AG Software Applications, a leading provider of innovative technology solutions tailored for the financial services industry. We specialize in supporting the complete life cycle of software solutions, from the early conceptual design stages to seamless integration into our clients' infrastructure. Alternatively, we offer the option to utilize our solutions as Software as a Service (SaaS) on the cloud.

Our commitment extends beyond the delivery and integration of software solutions. We also provide comprehensive application and production support, including business and user support with defined response times, ensuring our clients receive the assistance they need.

Discover our fully integrated solutions designed to streamline operations and enhance efficiency within the financial services industry:

At Framesoft, we understand that the quality and reliability of our products and services are essential for building sustainable, long-term relationships with our clients. To ensure exceptional standards, we prioritize the education and training of our employees, implementing comprehensive quality assurance measures.

Our journey began in 1996 with the goal of creating technology solutions for the innovative and fast-growing areas within the financial services industry. With our Framesoft Framework strategy, we maximize the benefits of cutting-edge technology, tailored specifically to meet our clients' needs.

Thank you for choosing Framesoft AG Software Applications. As a software company founded on a passion for delivering excellence, we are committed to providing you with reliable, customized solutions that drive efficiency, compliance, and growth in the financial services industry.