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Framesoft Repo & Securities Lending (FRS) is a power-ful trading & position keeping solution for collateral trading featuring extensive tools for position allocation, P&L and reporting & settlement providing full control over the entire trading process including:

  • dynamic trade entry with automated information on position availability
  • quick search for securities & counterparties (CP)
  • configurable allocation system for pool lending
  • easy access to trade information
  • management of trades & adjustments
  • positions and collateral management
  • supervision of credit risk
  • automated fee calculation
  • trade closing and
  • comprehensive reporting capabilities


Main FRS Features

  • Flexible management of any trade & collateral
    (e.g. Partial / Full Return, Cancellation, Rollover, Re-Pricing, Rate Change, Lender Substitution)
  • Future return operations
    are queued & managed synchronizing several entered return operations for the same trade considering value dates & amounts. It leads to automatic modification or deletion of return operations queued until they are due to be processed
  • Overview of available positions classified by types
    The existing set of types can be extended by customer related types like ‘Automatically lendable positions’
  • Trade Entry functions to make trading easier & quicker
    such as sophisticated search function, providing the possibility to find securities & counterparties quickly
  • Automatically loading security prices & counterparty preferences. When finalizing a trade, consistency checks are executed
  • Automatic allocation
    runs regularly in a freely configurable interval, allocating positions to borrow requests resulting in automatically opening of trades. If these trades fulfill the predefined conditions they are straight through processed. If not a ‘trade suggestion’ is generated for further manual processing
  • Performing of lender substitutions and closes over-allocations of trades automatically
    This requires no manual input as FRS picks viable lenders from a lending pool according to a predefined allocation algorithm
  • Collateral Calculation at any time & counterparty
    in case of under-collateralization, the Allocation process can be started on demand. Based on the borrower’s inventory, suggestions for covering the negative exposure are generated. The Substitution process compares the assets pledged as collateral with the open positions & substitutes the collateral position with other securities taken from the borrower’s inventory in order to release pledged assets
  • Extensive Reporting & Analysis Capabilities - e.g. Fee Statements, P&L Reporting or Corporate Actions
  • Sophisticated Trade Fee Calculation making the trade reconciliation process more efficient
    Fee calculation can be done for a particular trade, book or all trades. The fee can be calculated for a daily P&L, end of month, or any other preferred period. Fees calculated can be adjusted to correspond to net agreed values
  • Static Data Management
    including CP details, lending restrictions, security data, corporate actions, currencies, holidays, exchanges, prices, etc.
  • Interfacing
    with any in-house system and usage of data available in the existing back office systems as well as feeding data back to the back office system