Framesoft Structured Products (FSP) streamlines the creation, management, and distribution of structured financial products, including derivatives, bonds, and structured notes. Combining traditional and non-traditional investment instruments, FSP offers customized solutions to enhance returns or manage risk for investors.

A. Key Features

1. Product Design and Development

FSP enables issuers to efficiently design structured products by specifying characteristics like underlying assets, maturity, and payoff structures. It features cloning capabilities for rapid issuance of similar products, minimizing the need for extensive parameter adjustments.

Furthermore, FSP supports the creation of Automated Issuance Systems. New issuances are suggested based on:

  • market data
  • already issued and active products
  • rules defined

Upon selection of the parameters and based on the configuration, FSP presents a list of the suggested issuances. Once selected, these issuances are managed by FSP automatically as illustrated below. 

2. Regulatory Compliance & Documentation

FSP automates the generation of essential documentation such as e.g.,

  • Offering Circulars,
  • Term Sheets
  • Prospectuses
  • Funds Fact Sheets
  • Sustainability Report
  • Letters or e-Mails
  • and any other documentation required

while ensuring compliance with regulations. 

It integrates Framesoft Document Assembly (FDA) for custom document creation and Framesoft Documentation Verification (FDV) for accuracy and consistency checks, streamlining the issuance process and reducing operational risks.

3. Distribution & Marketing

FSP facilitates structured product distribution through various channels and provides marketing tools, including customizable brochures and presentations.

4. Secondary Market Support

Framesoft Event & Product Lifecycle Management (FEM) offers functionalities for managing structured products post-issuance, including trading, maturity processing, and corporate actions.

5. Integration & Data Management

 FSP ensures seamless integration with existing systems and robust data management for product, static data, and transaction data.

6. Investor Management

Supports investor information management, subscription, allocation, and access to product details and performance.

B. Components & Add-Ons

FSP Components

Data Capture & Data Entry

Offers a sophisticated data model for easy product setup, supporting manual and API data inputs.

Workflow Engine

Provides a comprehensive workflow engine for efficient issue process management, including task assignments and status tracking.

Template Repository

Utilizes Framesoft Document Assembly (FDA) for quick, accurate document creation, supported by workflow automation for document review and approval processes.

Document Generation Engine

High speed & volume server-side document generation as well as parallel generation of large documents is supported.


Configurable distribution channels ensure wide dissemination of information.

Audit Trail

Maintains a complete audit trail of data, actions, and documentation changes, with integration capabilities for document archiving systems such as Framesoft Document Management (FDM).

Event & Lifecycle Management

Framesoft Event & Lifecycle Management (FEM) supports continuous monitoring, corporate actions, regulatory compliance, investor communication, and performance tracking.

Documentation Verification

Automated documentation verifications / tests and comparisons are vital in a modern documentation process. They address the complexities & dynamic nature of document generation & maintenance, ensuring that documents remain accurate, consistent, and reliable over time. Framesoft Documentation Verification (FDV) supports to maintain document integrity during template updates by identifying changes or errors introduced during a template update process.

Artifical Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can significantly enhance the issuance of structured products by automating complex processes, improving decision-making, and personalizing products to meet investor needs more closely as follow:

  • Market Analysis & Trend Prediction
  • Product Design & Customization
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Documentation Verification
  • Decision Support 

For a comprehensive demonstration of FSP's capabilities and how it can optimize structured product issuance, contact Framesoft at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +41 41 545 37 72.