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Framesoft Fee Management (FFM) is a unique software application for the professional management of distribution agreements & fee payments. FFM provides full control of commissions and fees, ensuring that organizations have the information required to manage payments and receipts across all financial instruments, entities and trading partners. As a result, your corporation can prevent itself from paying excessive or duplicate fees, negotiate improved terms, and leverage best execution across your trading relationships.

Furthermore, the improvement in control & transparency reduces risk and increases compliance.




FFM's fee management engine for recurring & non-recurring client fees provides the following key benefits:

  • Management of Master & Supplement Distribution Agreements (MDA &SDA)
  • Product Data Management
  • Flexible & dynamic (rule based) Fee Calculation
  • Support of fee specific workflows
  • Completely configurable Delivery Channels
  • Extended reporting capabilities
  • Complete audit trail
  • Tight integration with archiving solution