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Framesoft Document Workbench (FDW) is a versatile XML-based document editor providing all required tools for formatting and structuring complex documents.

FDW documents can be presented either as editable documents or as forms which only allow data entry into fields.

In document mode extensive blacklining and versioning functionality along with 'Sticky Note' comment threading allows tracking of complex multi-party negotiations.

In order to let the user quickly navigate through large documents or forms, FDW provides tab folders that allow direct access to respective sections of documents or forms.

FDW ist typically being used for editing documents and forms that have been generated by Framesoft Document Composer (FDC).


Beyond supporting typical components of documents such as text, tables and graphics, FDW now allows the creation and editing of complex mathematical formulas. The formula editor is based on Design Science's WebEQ toolkit which uses the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standard MathML for encoding mathematical expressions. The addition of this new functionality will be of immediate benefit to clients using Framesoft's Business Process Management Solution FON and Framesoft Structured Products (FSP) for the creation and issue of securitised structured derivatives products where FDW is used for the creation of term sheets and prospectuses.


Framesoft's Business Process Management Solution FON and Framesoft's comprehensive suite of Contract Management, Product Creation and Confirmation Management solutions are deploying FDW as powerful yet easy-to-use document and form editor.


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