Framesoft develops frameworks containing core functionality for innovative sectors within the financial industry. These frameworks can easily be extended and adapted to meet individual requirements. Our frameworks therefore already cover standard market practice representing some 80% of the overall functionality required. Because of the speed with which individual extensions can be made operational, Framesoft customers can benefit from new business ideas while their competitors are still implementing.


Three Dimensions of Success

A cube best illustrates Framesoft's solution approach: our base technologies are the foundation upon which we shape business solutions to meet the customers' individual needs.



State-of-the-Art Technologies

All solutions are based on Framesoft technology components, which are designed to meet the demanding requirements and environmental conditions in the financial services industry. Framesoft's technology components address issues such as security, high availability, robustness in heterogeneous environments, scalability and easy global rollout to large user communities. Through the consistent usage of Java as the development platform, Framesoft solutions can be deployed in all relevant operating s ystems and via the Internet.

In order to simplify the development of complex N-tier Internet-based solutions, Framesoft created a suite of technology components providing extensive functionality for client-side data representation, secure client-server communication, tunneling, and server-side application functionality.



Frameworks with extensive business functionality represent the vertical dimension of the cube. Solutions focusing on areas such as contract management, derivatives trading and sales and netting are based on reliable technology components and can be shaped according to specific customer needs.



Object-oriented development methods allow our Global Services Teams to extend and adapt our frameworks swiftly and easily. Consequent deployment of object-oriented development paradigms allow Customer-specific extensions to coexist with current or future standard solution frameworks and technology components.