Framesoft Document Composer (FDC) is an XML-based tool for the definition of powerful document templates. These templates contain information about:

  • layout
  • text
  • data entry fields
  • rules for data retrieval and storage (e.g. SQL statements, XML messages)
  • data consistency rules (validators)
  • regional settings for number, time and currency formats
  • flow controls (if-then-else, loops) for highly dynamic documents
  • links to document fragments to be imported

 FDC provides a wide variety of XML tags for formatting highly dynamic and complex documents and forms. An easy-to-use graphical editor simplifies the task of configuring powerful document templates.

Framesoft's Business Process Management solution Framesoft Online Negotiation (FON) and Framesoft's comprehensive suite of Contract Management, Product Creation and Confirmation Management solutions are deploying FDC as powerful yet easy-to-use document generator.