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Framesoft focuses on software solutions that address key challenges of financial services providers:

  • Software can be a key differentiator between financial services providers.

  • Tailored software solutions enable financial services organisations to offer unique and innovative products.

  • To gain a competitive edge, it is essential that software solutions are developed and implemented swiftly.

  • Continuous enhancement of financial products and the software solutions that empower them is the prerequisite for protecting and growing market share.

Framesoft provides component-based software solutions that fit these challenging requirements exactly. They are called Frameworks and use object oriented technology to shorten the development cycle of financial products and customer-specific software solutions.


Framesoft was founded in 1996 with the goal to create technology solutions for innovative, fast-growing areas within the financial services industry. The mission of the company is to maximize the benefits of external technology provision for its clients, by applying the Framesoft Framework strategy.