In order to speed up the development of complex N-tier applications, Framesoft deploys a powerful toolkit providing extensive functionality for client-side data representation, secure client-server communication, tunneling, and server-side application functionality.

The toolkit consists of the following components:

Framesoft Communication Layer (FCL) provides secure and robust network communication over the Internet. FCL contains a high-security communication protocol, which is based on state-of-the-art cryptographic algorithms. To satisfy the security needs of the financial services industry FCL includes advanced compression capabilities. To provide maximum robustness, FCL ensures that all information reaches its recipient unmodified and in the right order. It also provides functionality to handle network and application overload. Since companies tend to set up their Internet access very restrictively, FCL was designed to work in almost any networking environment by using HTTP-tunneling.

Framesoft Object Server (FOS) is the data storage component of the Framesoft B2B Architecture. If required Business objects can be kept directly in memory for optimal performance. FOS ensures persistency and keeps track of transactions.

Framesoft Business Server (FBS) is an application server platform aimed at dealing with numerous simultaneous connections. It provides an interface to Framesoft Object Server. All server side parts of the application logic and the business logic reside in FBS. Moreover FBS maintains intelligent data management for the Framesoft Business Client which enables client-side applications to swiftly retrieve data from business servers that might be located thousands of miles away.

Framesoft Business Client (FBC) is the platform for client-side application parts. It enables the user to login and establish a secure connection to Framesoft Business Server. The user can edit, modify and delete business objects displayed on screens. FBC allows the user to perform queries on the object server data and to display the results.

Framesoft Object Browser (FOB) is a tool for defining views. Views define the selection rules for very complex queries. The selection rules are composed by combining predefined logical operators with data. More complex selection rules are built by combining simpler ones. By execution of a view the results of a query can be displayed in screens of the Framesoft Business Client. Besides accessing them interactively in FOB, views can be used for the definition of reports or be used in parts of the server side business logic.