Framesoft Document Management (FDM) supports any organization in storing, organizing, and tracking electronic documents and files in a systematic and efficient manner. FDM involves a set of tools to o create, manage, and store electronic documents in a centralized location, enabling easy access via multiple channels, retrieval, sharing, and collaboration.

FDM supports 

  • e-File Management
  • Document Management (of any type)
  • Archiving
  • Version Management & Control
  • Security
  • Metadata (Profile) Management
  • Indexing
  • Smart Searches
  • Workflow Management

These features allow users to control access to documents, track changes made to them, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards. Furthermore, FDM helps any organization to reduce costs associated with paper-based processes, improve productivity, and enhance information security.


FDM supports the creation of the required organizational structures as well as managing of all types of electronic files (e-Files) and documents to be tracked, stored & searched via full text search or by assigning keywords configured on the basis of self-defined business rules.

Documents can be accessed, stored, or searched in FDM in many ways providing a complete FDM integration into the corporate’s business environment.

  • FDM Internet Browser Module (e.g., MS Internet Explorer)
  • MS Office Integration Module (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint)
  • MS Outlook Integration Module
  • Adobe Reader & Acrobat Standard / Professional Integration Module
  • MS File Explorer (via FDM Virtual File System)
  • Framesoft Scanning Solution (FSS)
  • Forwarding E-Mail into FDM including response
  • FDM Automatic Drive Loader
  • Tight integration with all other Framesoft solutions
  • Access via Web Services


FDM provides a comprehensive set of functionalities for managing the corporation’s content such as:

  • Flexible tree-based structure containing folders & e-Files (Collection of documents incl. substructures under a common profile)
  • Dynamic (Document Type Specific) Document & e-File profile(s) with freely configurable set of attributes
  • User, Group & Profile Administration based on the organizational structures
  • Subscriptions - Notification about newly checked-in / updated documents
  • Direct Document Scanning into FDM incl. OCR
  • Fast & flexible (full text) search for documents, e-Files & folders using state-of-the-art search technology
  • Home screen with access to [All] / [My] recently updated or checked-out e-Files and documents
  • Document Version Management
  • Document Linkage to internal / external sources
  • e-Mail Attachment handling
  • Fine grained authorization privilege system (access control) to manage access to (single) folders & documents
  • User based selection of displayed e-File & document profile information as well as sorting, grouping, filtering of information displayed (saved in user’s profile)
  • Paging of e-file / folder or search results displayed
  • Send out documents stored in FDM via direct E-Mail link
  • MS Excel based reporting and printing
  • Reporting Generator for enhanced data analysis
  • Personal bookmark creation for documents,  folders & e-Files via drag & drop functionality
  • Quick Check-in for inserting documents into FDM via drag & drop functionality
  • Directly copy or move selected document(s) from one FDM folder to another via drag & drop feature
  • Document Preview
  • Reminder and expiry functionality
  • Document Compare functionality (via Workshare)
  • Rule based integration of external documents including metadata via REST or Web Services (XML / SOAP)
  • Workflow Support

Additional software modules (e.g., New Laws, External Counsel Assessment, Treasury, Client Portfolio Management or other modules) can be smartly developed and integrated into FDM.

FDM is seamlessly integrated with all Framesoft products such as

supporting a document storage & archiving of execution copies, correspondences, publications and results of negotiations, etc..

Furthermore, FDM can be integrated with Framesoft Data Insight (FDI) to support an in-depth data analysis & ad-hoc reporting.   

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