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A concept is only successful if charismatic people execute it consistently with ambition and clear judgment. Framesoft boasts a sound mix of vision and implementation skill. The urge to explore new avenues, persuasiveness and many years of management experience are all of equal importance in Framesoft's Management Team.

Toralf dittmann

Toralf Dittmann

Founder & President

"For me, Framesoft is a vision made reality: maximizing the business benefits of financial service providers by means of software."

Volker Weber

Chief Financial Officer

"Based on qualitative growth and first-class references, Framesoft is best positioned as a specialized vendor to the financial services industry."

Volker Weber


Jens Saarholz

Jens Saarholz

Managing Director
Member of the Board of Directors

"Quality is everything we do - don't run financial services without it."