Automated documentation verifications / tests and comparisons are vital in a modern documentation process. They address the complexities & dynamic nature of document generation & maintenance, ensuring that documents remain accurate, consistent, and reliable over time.

Framesoft Documentation Verification (FDV) supports to maintain document integrity during template updates by identifying changes or errors introduced during a template update process. This offers a user-friendly experience, automating the comparison of documents generated before and after template modifications. FDV can be integrated in any Framesoft solution and significantly enhances its capability to maintain document integrity.

FDV supports an easy tracking & management of template changes, ensuring that users can revert or analyze modifications as needed. It also tracks issues with XML imports & workflow processing.

FDV Screen


1. Quality Assurance

FDV ensures thorough testing across various document attributes, including content, formatting, and other critical aspects. An integrated comparison tool is designed to meticulously compare these attributes before and after template updates, highlighting any discrepancies.

Upon applying template updates and executing a test suite, FDV automatically regenerates test documents using the updated template. It then proceeds to compare these documents against the baseline versions. The comparison process checks for content consistency, ensuring that any content changes are intentional and accurately reflected. It also verifies formatting accuracy, making sure that any formatting changes are consistent with user intentions or appropriately modified.

FDV highlights any discrepancies found between documents generated before & after a template update, allowing to evaluate the impact of these differences on document usability & integrity. If required, the template can be adjusted, and the test re-executed until the updated template meets all quality requirements. This ensures that documents maintain their quality & integrity throughout the update process.

With every new document generation there might be text that is expected to change. This could therefore be excluded from the comparison check through the “Ignore Pattern” functionality.

2. Efficiency & Productivity

Manual testing and comparison of documents is time-consuming, error-prone, and inefficient. Automation speeds up these processes, enabling quick identification of differences or issues. It allows teams to focus on more strategic tasks rather than getting bogged down by the minutiae of manual comparisons.

3. Scalability

Automated tests and comparisons can easily scale to manage a large number of documents without a proportional increase in effort or resources. This scalability is essential to maintain documentation quality.

4. Consistency Across Versions

Document templates often undergo revisions & updates. Automated comparisons ensure that changes made to a template do not unintentionally alter the content or format of documents generated from it.

5. Change Management

Documents are frequently updated or modified. Automated testing provides a clear and concise way to manage changes.

6. Cost Reduction

Automating the testing & comparison processes reduce the costs associated with manual reviews & error corrections significantly. This lead to savings in time and money.

7. Regulatory Compliance

Automated documentation tests and comparisons help ensure that documents comply with relevant laws & regulations. This is crucial for avoiding legal penalties, or reputational damage.

8. Risk Reduction

Publishing incorrect documentation carries specific risks that can have severe repercussions. FDV offers an automated, reliable method for ensuring document quality through template updates, providing users with a streamlined workflow that significantly reduces the risk of errors in document production.

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