Framesoft Document Generator (FDG) supports the complete lifecycle of any type of document generation & automation including workflow management, document distribution & archiving. 

Furthermore, FDG offers a comprehensive template / clause repository and document template assembly via Framesoft Document Assembly (FDA) integration. Any workflows associated supporting the business processes in the creation of documents can be freely configured.

 FDG Overview 

FDG Components

1. Data Capture & Data Entry

Any data captured as the bass for a document generation can be integrated via

  • 3. party system interfaces
  • Manual data entry or
  • Integration with any other corporate system
  • A document generation process might also be started via answering a questionnaire.

FDG offers a sophisticated and extendable data model for fast and easy set-up of new process and data types as well as static data requirements. 

2. Integrated Workflow Engine

  • Organization specific, configurable rule-based workflows for data & documentation tasks
  • Task Wizard - informing about new tasks directly or e-Mail notifications
  • Sophisticated overview screens of the entire documentation generation process
  • Fast and flexible user defined search functionality
  • Approval Process Management supporting the complete workflow of the generation process incl. insertion & versioning of external documents
  • Finely grained privilege management system with role & user-based authorization

3. Template Repository

4. High Speed Document Generation Engine

  • Rule based (Matrix) management of mandatory & optional documentation & approval and distribution channel dependent on process / document type
  • High speed & volume server-side document generation as well as parallel generation of large documents
  • Integration of Charts / Graphics based on real time data
  • Generation of different document types (e.g., PDF or MS Word)

5. Distribution Engine

  • Completely configurable set of distribution channels to internal & external information providers, corporate web sites, exchanges, etc.
  • Automated / Timed Document Distribution
  • Automatic e-Mail creation for distribution of documentation and related information
  • Fully encryption of distributed documents

6. Audit Trail

  • Organizational Structures are reflected in the Administration of users, groups, and profiles
  • Tracking of all actions performed in FDG
  • External Authentication 

7. Search & Reporting Engine

  • Standard Reporting via MS Excel export of FDG overview tables
  • Extended reporting via reports & graphics configured
  • Extended data analysis, reporting and dashboarding via Framesoft Data Insight (FDA) integration

Any document generated by FDG can be archived in a Document Archive solution such as Framesoft Document Management System (FDM) automatically.

The scope of FDG could be further extended via Framesoft Online Negotiation (FON) integration for a seamless document review & negotiation.

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