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Framesoft Contract Management (FCM) allows companies to gain control of all contracts and associated rights and obligations. With FCM, all corporate professionals dealing with mission critical contract documents have immediate access and visibility into contracts across the enterprise, resulting in

  • elimination of operational risk
  • acceleration of processes
  • seamless integration with other corporate systems
  • instant management control and compliance with guidelines and regulatory requirements


These advantages are derived from a fully integrated set of applications combined in the Framesoft Contract Management Suite, covering the complete lifecycle of any contract or other business document:

  • Automatic Draft Contract / Document Generation embedded in workflow
  • Structured Contract Assembly via "Contract Template Management" based on atomzed clause library
  • Workflow driven contract creation / request
  • Automatic Generation of first draft
  • Secure Contract Review & Negotiation and Collaboration internally and with your counterparties via Internet
  • Integration with 3rd party contracts (import, clause recognition & clause compare) 
  • Contract Lifecycle Management (e.g. Master Agreements and any kind of annexes (e.g. CSAs, CSDs), Amendments, Obligations & Commitments, Auditing, etc.)
  • Netting Analysis
  • Contract Analysis & Reporting (e.g. Clauses used in contracts, “What if” scenarios, etc.)
  • Document Filing, Archiving, Retrieval and Distribution
  • Integration with Framesoft Document Intelligence (FAI)

FCM consists of the following integrated solutions: