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db tuermeFrankfurt am Main, 06.06.2015: One of the world's largest investment banks went live with FSP Fee Management 1.2 (FFM). FFM is a solution for institutions selling financial products via third parties which therefore claim fees based on distribution agreements.

For the 1.2 Release multiple enhancements were implemented, among others:

  • New Supplement Agreement Request Workflow, to request a Supplement Agreement for an existing or new Distributor, e.g. by a sales person
  • Trailer Evaluation Templates now provide a flexible solution to adjust the approval and evaluation of fees to the evaluation periods of the products (Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annually, Annually) and ensure that the evaluation matches to the product's evaluation
  • Enhancements to the Client Statements Workflow to sent out statements depending on the approval and calculation status of the fees
  • Enhancements to the Product Approval screens allowing faster approvals by trading
  • Integration of the Framesoft Document Management 

The web client was enhanced to enable the usage of the same logic between rich- and web- clients.

The conception phase for FFM 1.3 has already begun, the go-live is planned for Q2/2016.