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Zug, 15 February 2019: Framesoft unveils another major landmark in its Contract Management Suite (FCM), the availability of the new Framesoft Contract Repository (FCR) Release 4.0.

The new FCR Release 4.0 offers major improvements and extensions regarding the

  • creation,
  • generation,
  • negotiation &
  • management

of any type of (Master) Contract / Agreement during its entire lifecycle.

In more detail FCR Release 4.0 offers the following innovations & improvements:

New FCR User Interface (UI)

  • New User Interface based on Modern Theme
  • New Side Bar for a fast and intuitive navigation
  • New Dashboard – a powerful, flexible & customizable Business Intelligence tool to embed analysis capability into FCR

FCR Business Enhancements

  • Perceptive Contract Versioning Module including Compare Mode
  • Jurisdiction specific extension of Netting Rules Engine
  • Extension of Workflow Engine with respect to agreement negotiation, Non-Standard Terms Approval and Legal Opinion handling
  • New FCR Netting Analyzer with enhanced user interface based on modern theme and mass data analysis capabilities
  • FCR Web Client (Add-on) for occasional FCR user offering access to Agreements, Counterparties, ToDo lists, new Netting Analyzer, Audit Information and dedicated Workflow tasks

FCR Template Configuration & Document Generation

  • Introduction of “Framesoft Docs” as the new template & document editor
  • Availability of a comprehensive Clause Library - integration of pre-approved clauses via drag & drop when generating agreements or other negotiable documents, eliminating the need to involve the legal team in every deal
  • Template & Document Search with powerful search and replace features within templates and documents
  • Extended Track Change management for negotiations / reviews by multiple parties
  • Commenting - provision of comments in contract terms or clauses to be shared with selected or all other groups involved in the contract generation. 

Additionally, Framesoft will introduce the

Framesoft Online Negotiation for Master Agreements (FON for MA)

  • As a further extension of the Framesoft Contract Management Suite, FON for MA offers a versatile secure online platform for negotiating any kind of contract. It supports the secure and efficient online creation & negotiation of any type of agreement with your counterparties or internally.
  • To support a seamless FCM integration generated contracts (including its data points) can be uploaded from FCR via “FCR Bridge”. Once a negotiation is concluded successfully the contract terms agreed can be passed back to FCR for reconciliation and netting via FCR Bridge again.

 as well as the

Framesoft Data Insight (FDI) 

  • Framesoft Data Insight (FDI) provides direct access to data stored in FCR based on predefined business views for analysis, business intelligence or reporting purposes. 
  • Business users can analyze the data on demand with no infrastructure setup and no time-consuming transformations, pre-processing or metadata management.
  • FDI also provides a report library, where users can store and publish their reports for re-use or share it with other users.
  • Furthermore, it supports the linkage of business views, as well as a drill-down to more detailed data items
  • Any report or result set can be easily exported to MS Excel or transformed in a dashboard / grpahical representation