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Zug, April 1, 2020 Framesoft Document Management (FDM) on Demand

In current times, companies must make proactive decisions that help them protect employee health, keep critical work on track, and prepare for the potential of unplanned business disruption.

Many companies are revisiting policies, considering new technologies, restricting even business critical travel and have started working remotely.

No matter where employees are working, fast and secure access to their business files are required. Remote workers need to be able to create, share, and collaborate with their content when working remotely - often without a cumbersome VPN.

FDM on Demand provides a high load, secure data room and flexible collaboration platform for seamlessly and securely exchanging information between multiple parties regardless of location. Users can start working immediately and simply move all relevant files via drag and drop, persisting even folder structures in the data room in the process.

FDM on Demand can be made available for usage within hours and any number of users can be supported.

FDM Platform

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