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Zug, April 24, 2020: Framesoft Confirmation Generator (FCG) Version 5.1 released

In today’s highly volatile markets and increased counterparty risk, a mass volume, automatic platform supporting trading position reconciliations rapidly and reliably is absolutely mandatory. Matching and conflict resolution processes must be managed within a well-controlled workflow.

Framesoft’s new version of the Confirmation Generator and Management System (FCG 5.1) stands ready to be quickly integrated into any bank’s infrastructure, replacing manual processes and outdated legacy infrastructure for any type of trade confirmation.

It provides a highly automated and configurable process management system for the transparent and tightly managed verification of mutual obligations with all your counterparties.

FCG Start Screen

Framesoft Confirmation Generator (FCG) supports the complete business process of creation, management & distribution of legally binding short or long form trade confirmations and supporting documentation of any product type. Framesoft Confirmation Generator provides dramatically shortened time to produce confirmations & elimination of operational risks.

For more information regarding the Framesoft Confirmation Generator (FCG), please refer to the FCG Product information or the FCG 1-Pager below.