Zug, July 31, 2020: Framesoft announces the availability of the "Central Counterparty Interface (CCI)" add-on for Framesoft Contract Repository (FCR).

The "Central Counterparty Interface (CCI)" add-on extends FCR capabilities regarding counterparty updates and the handling of new counterparties and will offer the following functionalities:

  • Management of actions defined based on updates received from a central counterparty system or counterparty information received based on FCR requests (e.g. request for a new master agreement)
  • Non-Netting related Counterparty updates will be applied automatically and the respective FCR users will be informed
  • Counterparty updates which would have a netting implication could also be performed automatically preserving netting relevant details, such as “Form of Organization”. FCR users will be informed and an approval to perform such updates is required.
  • Provision of CCI related FCR Screen extensions and new CCI Screens in FCR


CCI can be adopted to a client's specific information exchange type preferred in exchanging information between FCR and a client's central counterparty system (e.g. Web Service, REST, Queue, Batch).

CCI is offered to FCR clients on basis of an annual license usage fee add-on. 

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +41 41 545 37 72 to receive more information regarding CCI.