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Zug, July 31, 2020: Provision of „FCR Agreement API“

Framesoft will further extend the possibilities of creating / updating agreements stored in Framesoft Contract Repository (FCR) via “FCR Agreement Application Programming Interface (API)” planned to be rolled out in in Q4-2020.

“FCR Agreement API” 1.0 will support an externally triggered upload of agreement(s) or Annex(es) in FCR including:

  • Creation of agreement / annex record(s) in FCR
  • Assignment of Underlying Principles (UPs)
  • Assignment of Branches on Bank and Counterparty side
  • Follow up & Comments
  • Counterparty Properties (Form of Organization (FoO)) Netting Flags
  • UP Properties (FoO) Netting Flags
  • Product Coverage details of agreement
  • Product Coverage details of UPs
  • Amendments
  • Agreement Data Points (First Level Clauses) including 
    • Single Choice fields
    • Multiple Choice field,
    • Text Fields
    • Text Areas
    • Dropdown Lists

The FCR Agreement API will be provided as REST API. Furthermore, a “FCR Interface Health Status” component will be provided in FCR as part of the API offering the following information:

  • List of all requests received
  • View a request status
  • View reason(s) for non-accepting a request

The FCR Agreement API will be offered will be offered to FCR clients on basis of an annual license usage fee add-on. 

Get in contact with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive more information regarding the FCR Agreement API.