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Zug, Sep 23, 2020: Framesoft Data Insight (FDI) is the universal data platform analysis & reporting tool across all internal or external platforms (Cloud).

FDI allows the unification, integration, analysis & reporting as well as sharing of previously siloed data in a single secure environment. Furthermore, FDI supports you to make data driven decisions and helps you to manage data instead of infrastructure.

In the current climate of uncertainty and extraordinary rapid developments, decisions need to be made in real-time. 

To support the decision-making process under time-pressure, available high-volume data from different internal & external sources needs to be transformed into actionable information. FDI connects to any of your Framesoft applications as well as any other internal or external (cloud based) applications directly, retrieves the data and can be used to support your decision process in real-time. Data retrieved from any source is automatically transformed into business views and made available in FDI. Business views (from all sources) can be connected in FDI via joins which support navigating through your data universe and extracting the deepest insight from your data.     

FDI has been built to deal with huge amounts of raw data by using highly sophisticated data compression methods to deliver the data to your fingertips and transform it into actionable business intelligence and analytics instantly.

In summary, FDI offers the following:

  • Ad-hoc real-time analysis of very large amounts of data using caching and compression technology
  • Intuitive access to complex data models
  • All the power of Standard Query Language (SQL) in a graphical user interface
  • Integration of various internal / external data sources in a single reporting tool

Get in contact with us for an online FDI demonstration at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our website at