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FSP. The FSP new release has been deployed in order to allow large scale production of securitized structured products issue documentation in a straight through process.

FSP is used to create the offering circulars and supporting documents, as well as e-mails and providing data to data providers via interfaces. Offering circulars and all supporting documentation are created in parallel on the server and archived into Framesoft Document Management (FDM). The OCs comprise up to 2.000 pages per document. Further enhancements are now planned for this client’s site to further integrate the documentation creation process with the internal approval processes and provide a tool set for automated listing applications via interfaces.

As a result of the ongoing developments at Framesoft, the current, new release of FSP now offers enhanced capabilities, such as:

  • Document generation on Server, automatic assembly of very large PDF documents
  • Enhanced FPML JMS Interface for automatic creation of new product issue workflows, based, e.g., on client’s ticketing system
  • Automatic Server Side creation of a configurable number of flexibly definable notification e-mail tasks, including integration into automatically created workflow
  • Documentation creation matrix tool, for automatic determination of documents and e-mails to be created for new issues and/or approved in a product issue and approval workflow, dependent on the product issue parameters (e.g., issue place, Listings, Underlying Market or booking region, etc.) as drivers
  • Workflow Management screen integrated into the automatically created workflow for a direct access to workflow status and resetting the current workflow status by Workflow Owner
  • Possibility to automatically  reset a workflow in case of amendments being sent to the server from the external ticketing interface
  • Transparent display of interface status of STP workflows in overview screens
  • User Defined Search as an integrated part of a Task screen
  • Enhanced Graphical Scenario Analysis in documents (e.g., Term Sheets)
  • Outlook E-Mail integration from workflow
  • And further enhancements