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Frankfurt am Main, 6. December 2012: A new version of Framesoft Structured Products has been rolled out to one of Europe’s largest investment banks.

It provides a number of enhancements and also new product templates for additional product Term Sheets for the Sales Department. In addition, the module “Term Sheet Generator” now provides a new functionality for managing document templates in a highly structured and easily accessible environment. The new functionality is based on a library of text modules to be embedded in Template Style Sheets, all managed in a straight forward, intuitive WYSIWYG design tool environment. As the tools are directly accessible by trained users, they can now use them in order to easily create new or amend existing Product’s term sheets.



Using FSP’s powerful template and data configuration tools, Users can now define new or edit existing document components in the document component editor, and then assign each component to a specific location in the style template. Any of the document components can be either re-used “as is” in other product’s term sheets or copied and redesigned at run-time of the system, therefore enabling the organization to quickly adapt to changing market or regulatory requirements.