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Frankfurt am Main, 6. December 2012: A new FSP release has been rolled out to one of the world’s largest investment banks providing rich set a of enhancements.

New Interfaces for distribution of issue data to internal and external data providers, such as Scoach, Clearstream and others have been provided. Furthermore, new products mainly Digital Warrants and further versions of the bank’s successful program of Reverse Convertible Notes have been set up for automated production. Additionally, a number of functional enhancements including features such as additional, dedicated Feedback Processing in Interfaces from external data providers and additional e-mails to users linked to Tasks in the FSP Approval workflow have been rolled out.

All user actions in Forms and Workflow itself are audited and saved in a detailed history, including timestamps, old nd new value as well as the workflow task where the action was performed.

Most of the features above were implemented using the powerful configuration tools of Framesoft’s Structured Products product. Usage of such configuration tools ensures extremely high speed turnaround times for any type of enhancement in functionality, product type coverage or workflow amendments. Even interfaces are embedded in the generic framework of Framesoft’s “Data Provider” server tools, and can therefore be added and embedded mostly by scripting and assigning ports in the data provider framework.