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FCR 4.1 Paging

Zug, Nov 20, 2019: Framesoft will release the new Framesoft Contract Repository (FCR) 4.1 in Q1-2020.

FCR 4.1 will offer the following new and enhanced functionalities:

  • Further improvements of modern theme based FCR user interface introduced with FCR 4.0
  • Paging in FCR overview tables allowing to display mass-data like e.g. in “All Agreements” or “Agreement Search”
  • New FCR Web Client Interface
  • FCR 4.1 will be based on Java 11 & Oracle 19c
  • High Resolution Display support (HDPI) (beyond HD)
  • New FCR Netting Analyzer module offering
    • New user interface (UI)
    • “Analyze All” - Mass agreement analysis capabilities
    • Direct agreement selection & filtering
    • Paging of results
    • Accessible from FCR Java & Web Client
  • Further extensions of the FCR template & document editor (Framesoft Docs) regarding
    • Clause Library & Clause handling
    • Template & Document editing / negotiation
    • Global Style handling
    • Document Generation
  • Workflow Engine enhancements
  • Framesoft Data Insight (FDI) integration

FCR 4.1 NA 
As mentioned above FCR 4.1 will be released in Q1-2020. 

For more information, please refer to the FCR 1-Pager or the FCR 4.0 release news published earlier this year. 
For an FCR 4.1 live demo, please get in touch with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..