Zug, July 31, 2021: Framesoft Protocol Adherence (FPA)

Adherence to protocols eliminates the necessity for costly and time-consuming bilateral negotiations.

Framesoft Contract Repository (FCR) tracks adherences to protocols on counterparty and agreement level with the newly introduced “Framesoft Protocol Adherence (FPA)” add-on. FPA supports existing as well as future regulations which require capturing additional information on agreement and / or counterparty level via configuration.

FPA extends FCR capabilities by providing the following new & extended functionalities:

  • Master Data Administration

The “Master Data” section is extended by an additional “Protocol & Agreement Types” item supporting the configuration of all protocols to be tracked in FCR as well as its agreement types in scope. In addition, for each agreement type and protocol the required applicable regulatory fields and its types / details can be configured. Furthermore, the protocol configuration on counterparty level (Principal & Agent) and its required fields and types such as e.g., “Protocol Adherence”, “PR Code” and “Submit Date” and its types / details per protocol are supported.

  • Agreements

Based on the configuration in the FCR "Master Data" section an additional “Regulation” detail tab is provided on agreement level displaying the status of the “Bilateral Negotiation”.

  • Counterparties

The FCR Counterparty Detail screen is extended by integrating an additional “Protocol Regulation“ section displaying the regulatory fields of the protocols configured via “Master Data” on counterparty level.

  • ISDA Protocol Update / Upload Interface

Framesoft Protocol Adherence (FPA) also allows to update / upload adhering parties via  protocol full list and / or delta file published by ISDA. For the upload a protocol is defined by its name and the adhering parties are identified via Organization LEI. Once an upload is triggered by a user all counterparties identified via “Organization LEI” and its adherence and options as well as PR Code, etc. will be updated in FCR automatically. A summary of the updates made will be provided to the user. Any upload will also be tracked via audit functionality. By additionally obtaining FCR Framesoft Agreement API any adherence information can be uploaded in FCR automatically. 

  • Regulatory Adherence Search

Furthermore, FPA adds a “Protocol Adherence” search module to FCR allowing to view the adherence of protocols via bilateral agreement and / or ISDA Protocol. Any search result can also be exported to MS Excel instantaneously.

Framesoft Protocol Adherence (FPA) is offered as add-on to Framesoft Contract Repository (FCR) and will be released in Q4-2021. 

For more information, please get in touch with Framesoft at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at +41 41545 37 72.