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31 March 2005: One of the top-tier german banks has licensed Framesoft Online Negotiation (FON) in order to support critical business processes associated with the creation and documentation of securitized and structured products.

FON will serve as Certificate Platform supporting all critical workflows around product creation, issuance and trading.

By deploying FON the bank will be able to:

  • reduce redundancy in the process of capturing and processing product data
  • create a consistent standardized database for product terms
  • automate the creation of legal and regulatory documentation and prospectuses

thereby significantly increasing flow control and efficiency and ensuring compliance.




21 Feb 2005: One of Europe's largest universal banks goes live with Framesoft’s fully integrated Contract Management Suite comprising Document Composing, Online Negotiation and Business Process Management, Netting and Document Management. The installation builds on the bank’s existing implementation of the Framesoft Contract Repository (FCR) which has been in productive use since 1998.

By deploying Framesoft’s business process management software Framesoft Online Negotiation (FON) , the bank is achieving substantial gains in STP thereby significantly reducing operational risk in the area of OTC derivatives documentation an area currently under scrutiny from both industry bodies and regulators due to continued market growth and product complexity.

Framesoft’s Document Management solution features an easy-to-use scanning interface and sophisticated category-based and full-text searching makes direct access to paper-based archives obsolete and helps to lower cost and increase efficiency.



Munich, 7 Feb 2005: Framesoft successfully implemented and integrated the second generation of OTC Platform (OTCP) at HypoVereinsbank. OTCP Release 1.1 supersedes Release 1.0 which went live in December 2003. OTCP is a novel approach to OTC Transactions in the dealing room, providing unique trade capture and structuring capabilities to Sales and Trading, while increasing the transparency of turnover and flow. Trade results are transferred directly into HVB’s Risk Management System Sophis, and a Siebel Customer Database. OTCP also provides a direct link to information from the Customer Database such as address and contact person information and to the Framesoft Contract Repository (FCR) in order to check if Master Agreements are in place for a specific customer.

London, 27 January 2005: The derivatives brokerage subsidiary of one of the world's largest food conglomerates has licensed both the Framesoft Contract Repository (FCR) Framesoft Contract Repository (FCR) and the Framesoft Confirmations Generator (FCG). Both products will form part of a state of the art technology platform allowing the derivatives broker to offer its clients access to OTC derivatives markets.