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Brussels 22 May 2008: Fortis, one of Europe's largest financial institutions, has gone live with Framesoft Contract Repository 2 (FCR2).

After successfully using Framesoft Contract Repository (FCR) since 2000 for contract management and netting purposes, achieving a significant netting benefit, Fortis decided to upgrade to the most recent version of FCR.

Berlin, 21st May 2008: Landesbank Berlin (LBB) went live with Framesoft Structured Products (FSP) for the workflow controlled creation of its certificate product issues and related documentation. LBB is using FSP as its global certificate issue platform covering products like Index, Basket, Protect or miniMax Certificates.

FSP is a unique software application that supports financial institutions in the process of engineering and issuing derivatives products and generating all necessary documentation, like prospectuses / final terms, letters, faxes or e-mails etc.

LBB configured a large part of the functionality internally, using FSP’s transparent and accessible administrative configuration tools. The result is a tool applying advanced document creation techniques and covering a wide range of product structures by using a compact and flexible workflow (including document templates, entry forms etc.).

FSP is a generic tool, which can be employed to cover any financial product structure such as warrants, certificates, notes and any underlying asset category (e.g. equity, fixed income, commodities or credit derivatives). FSP controls the entry, maintenance and retrieval of, e.g.:

  • Financial Instrument Data
  • Structure Data
  • Issue Data for Securitized Products
  • Static Data (Exchanges, Countries, Currencies)
  • Product Data

The automatic generation of all documentation dramatically shortens time to issue and eliminates operational risks resulting from manual intervention. Typical workflows associated with the creation and documentation of derivatives can be freely configured.

As a tool designed for “Business Process Management”, FSP is capable to interface with the existing application environment of an organization and exchange data or communicate with them via all standardized or common protocols.



Madrid/Frankfurt, 14 March 2008: Framesoft exhibited at the Structured Products España and Structured Products Deutschland Conferences 2008. Framesoft presented the full range of Framesoft Contract Management Solutions to the German and Spain structured investment products industry and held discussions with a number of interested participants about the usage of Framesoft’s product line in their organizations.

Munich, 21 January 2008: One of Europe's largest Bancassurance Institutions went live with Framesoft Legal Matter Management (FLM)

Framesoft Legal Matter Management is based on Framesoft's Base Technology Platform FON, and provides an integrated management tool for standardized entry, tracking and reporting of Legal Matters / Cases. It covers the complete Legal Reporting cycle from:

  • Periodical requests for Corporate Legal wide Legal Matter Reporting
  • Regional / Divisional initiation of the Legal Reporting process cycle
  • Creation / Update of Legal Matters by designated members of staff
  • Optional Local workflow / Approval support
  • Regional / Divisional Quality Check and delivery to Corporate Legal Department
  • Corporate quality checks, consolidation and Management Reporting
  • Generation and submission of reports (Auditors Report, Management Report, Financial Reporting etc.)

FLM is capable of setting up and handling all types of Legal Matters, e.g. such as (Non) Litigations, Regulatory Matters, Subpoenas and Internal Investigations as well as Complaints and other types. FLM supports the regional or divisional entry / search / tracking and reporting of Legal Matters in the process of creating reports of selected Legal Matters and supports the workflow of these reports (tracking of reporting responsibilities).

All Legal Matters are entered into the FLM via standardized and region specific entry forms with a region / division based predefined set of matter types / matter fields.

The customer is using FLM for its global legal reporting.



Geneva, 03 October 2007: Framesoft exhibited at the 2nd Structured Products Switzerland Conference 2007. The SP Conference enabled Framesoft to present the full range of Framesoft Contract Management Solutions to the Swiss structured investment products industry.