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Frankfurt am Main, 4. June 2012: A new version of Framesoft Structured Products (FSP) has been provided to one of the world’s largest investment banks.

For a number of additional product types, the automatic generation of issue documentation has been implemented. Additional document types have been implemented also for the existing product types, further enhancing the system’s support of the bank’s efforts to streamline and control the current issue processes using a centralized infrastructure based on FSP. The latest FSP Release also extends the existing securitized structured products issue workflow by additional interfaces to stock exchanges and clearing agents. Now, the documentation of bonus, reverse bonus certificates as well as discount warrants is generated in a fully automatic process with a direct feed from the bank’s ticketing system, and the distribution of the generated documentation and related notifications and data dissemination to multiple recipients is fully integrated in an STP process.


Frankfurt am Main, 31 March 2012: One of the world largest Financial Institution went live with the new version of Framesoft Structured Products (FSP). The latest FSP Release extends the existing securitized structured products issue workflow by a complete internal approval process via FSP’s Web Client.

Furthermore, additional automatic document distribution routes and data interfaces have been provided as well. The new FSP Release will now include Legal, Sales and Trading departments in the approval of the created documentation. Incoming XML streams are evaluated such that tasks are assigned automatically to responsible users and user groups of the respective issue at hand.

Frankfurt am Main, 20 February 2012: One of the world largest Financial Institution went globally live with the new version of the Framesoft Legal Case Matter Management (FLM).

Framesoft Legal Case Matter Management is based on Framesoft's Technology Platform FON, and provides an integrated management tool for standardized entry, tracking and reporting of Legal Matters / Cases.

The FLM (Framesoft Legal Matter Management)  5.2 release was deployed to provide the basis for enhanced reporting possibilities on matter data. Therefore a data pool was created holding historical data for all matters in FLM.

FSP. The FSP new release has been deployed in order to allow large scale production of securitized structured products issue documentation in a straight through process.

FSP is used to create the offering circulars and supporting documents, as well as e-mails and providing data to data providers via interfaces. Offering circulars and all supporting documentation are created in parallel on the server and archived into Framesoft Document Management (FDM). The OCs comprise up to 2.000 pages per document. Further enhancements are now planned for this client’s site to further integrate the documentation creation process with the internal approval processes and provide a tool set for automated listing applications via interfaces.

Leading European supplier of post-trading services went live with new version of Framesoft Repo & Securities Lending (FRS)

Frankfurt, 19 November 2011: One of Europe's largest clearing houses went live with LMS 6.6, based on Framesoft Repo & Securities Lending (FRS)

Since 1999, FRS is in productive use, called 'LMS' in the customized version. FRS is based on FON - Online Negotiation & Collaboration, which provides the powerful base functionalities which are one element of the 12 year - and still ongoing - success story of FRS with this customer. FRS offers a wide range of features needed for successful and economically efficient securities lending: