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FLM 5.1Frankfurt am Main, 14 April 2014: One of the world's largest Financial Institution went globally live with the new Release 5.3 of the Framesoft Legal Matter Management (FLM).

Framesoft Legal Matter Management provides an integrated management tool for standardized entry, tracking and reporting of Legal / Compliance Matters / Cases.

The FLM (Framesoft Legal Matter Management) Release 5.3 was deployed to standardize information reported in matters across all regions, thus increasing the quality and availability of data.

Therefore several matter details are changed to be mandatory while others are removed or migrated to new fields. A new regional Pre-Selection can be used to define the content of selection fields dependent of the matter location. As all other selections these regional dependent selections can be managed by a FLM administration screen.

Furthermore a comprehensive and continual risk assessment framework was developed in order to classify matters and their possible outflow.

The following capabilities were also implemented in the new FLM Release 5.3:

  • New privacy field and location based security
  • New mass "mark-matter-as checked" function
  • Update of business divisions
  • Update management reports to reflect changes business divisions
  • LDAP interface to central user database to set responsible persons
  • Enhancements of pool reporting

Zug, 31st March 2014: Framesoft proudly announces the Go Live of Phase I of Framesoft Contract Repository (FCR) at one of Africa's largest financial institutions. Based on its decision to license the Framesoft Contract Repository (FCR) in the beginning of January 2014 the implementation of the phase I requirements were conducted in December, January & February and the customer user acceptance test phase took place this March. Based on the successful conclusion of the UAT test phase FCR (Phase I) the successful Go Live has been conducted as planned at the end of Q1 2014.

The Phase 1 of the FCR implementation was focusing on providing the following functionalities:

  • Replacement of existing solution including data migration
  • Central Counterparty system integration via message bus
  • Master Agreement Consolidation in FCR
  • Storing of all related documentation in the FCR Archiving Module

FCR Phase 2, just started, will address the following features:

  • Legal Opinion Analysis to define netting rules
  • Netting output for Liquidation- & Collateral purposes
  • Group wide FCR usage

Frankfurt am Main, 24. March 2013: A new FSP release 7.1 has been rolled out to one of the world's largest investment banks.

The new FSP release provides newly configured or extended functionalities such as:

  • Further integration of bank infrastructure based on FSP as central data hub
  • Additional Web Service Interface for STP generation of Term Sheets & Final Terms based on incoming XML Flows
  • Term Sheets & Trades are fed directly into Bank’s legacy ticketing workflow system
  • Reconciliation Engine for Data Integrity & Consistency Checks between incoming XML feeds
  • New XPATH Query Builder Module for seamless integration of XML feeds into Workflows & Document Generation Functionality
  • Annual base prospectus rolling
  • Adjustment of delay functionality to the distribution queue
  • Full queue delivery support for additional interfaces
  • Setup of additional product types
  • Reorganization of central Workflow Approval rules
  • Enhancement of the main workflow's approval functionality by a group review
  • Redesign of FSP Front Office Web Access screen
  • Multiple Issuing department functionality including issuing department dependent e-Mail sender addresses
  • Workflow enhancements for additional approval groups & bypass of approvals in specific situations
  • Password reset functionality
  • New MIS report
  • New version of FSP base technology (FON)

The implementation of the next FSP release 7.2 has already started and a Go-Live is planned for the Summer 2014.

PontresinaPontresina, Switzerland, 24 February 2014: Framesoft conducts its yearly Company Meeting in Pontresina, Switzerland. Among the topics discussed were new product and technology developments, plans for research & development,   project delivery methodologies, security and quality assurance. Participants appreciated the countryside and the nice weather at 1,800m elevation in the winterly Alp Mountains.






SunNadi, Fiji Islands, 14 February 2014: Framesoft announces the formation of Framesoft (Fiji) Ltd in Nadi, Fiji Islands. The new subsidiary will provide customer support for Framesoft's growing customer base in the Asia//Pacific time zone.   The office address is situated at:

Framesoft (Fiji) Ltd
Level 3 aliz Centre
231 Martintar, Nadi
Fiji Islands