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fsp 63Frankfurt, 30. November 2015 - a new FSP Release has been deployed to one of the world's largest investment banks.

The new FSP Release Version 7.7 provides the following newly configured and extended functionalities:

                • BaFIN Base Prospectus upgrade
                • Introduction of an additional european new target market for issuances set up on mass product basis using FSP's multi language capabilities
                • Upgrade of exchange interfaces in order to extend the support for automatic issue upload
                • Enhancements of the private placements issuing proccss by provision of additional Final Terms documents
                • Improved Reporting functionalities

The planning of the upcoming FSP Release 7.8 scheduled for spring 2016 has already been started.

Swiss BankSwitzerland, 30. November 2015: One of the major Swiss Banks has extended its Framesoft Contract Repository (FCR) installation. FCR was so far mainly used for requesting and managing master agreements and netting processes.

FCR is now being used to support the agremeent request and management process for another affiliate, keeping sensitive master agreement data separated, but leveraging the benefits of the existing FCR installation. Due to addressing this additional business case the FCR user base has been extended to new business areas and FCR has been aligned more closely with in-house systems.

The implementation of the upcoming FCR release addressing most recent regulatory requriements is scheduled for Q1 2016.

SRP Europe 2016

Zug, 9th December 2015: Framesoft will exhibit at the 13th Annual European Structured Products & Derivatives Conference 2016 ( The conference will take place in London on 11th & 12th February 2016. Framesoft presented its full range of solutions to the European structured investment products industry. Especially, the solutions

that support financial institutions in the process of engineering & issuing derivatives products and generating all necessary documentation were in the main focus.

HQZug, 25-Sep-2015: Framesoft upgraded to a new more powerful communication system which will enhance customer service. The new communication system provides a significant increase in bandwidth and connection quality.

Due to the changeover the main telephone number will change to:

+41 41 545 37 XY

where XY stands for the last two digits of the previous direct dial.




SRP Asia Pacific

Hongkong, 22 September 2015: Framesoft exhibited at the SRP Asia-Pacific Structured Produts & Derivatives Conference in 2015. The conference took place in Hongkong on 22 September 2015. Framesoft presented its full range of solutions to the Asian Structured Investment Products industry. Especially, the Framesoft solutions

that supports financial institutions in the process of engineering & issuing of derivative products as well as generating all necessary documentation (such as Term Sheets, Product Information Brochures (PIB), Offering Circular (OC), etc.) were in the main focus.