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FCR 4.1 Paging

Zug, Nov 20, 2019: Framesoft will release the new Framesoft Contract Repository (FCR) 4.1 in Q1-2020.

FCR 4.1 will offer the following new and enhanced functionalities:

  • Further improvements of modern theme based FCR user interface introduced with FCR 4.0
  • Paging in FCR overview tables allowing to display mass-data like e.g. in “All Agreements” or “Agreement Search”
  • New FCR Web Client Interface
  • FCR 4.1 will be based on Java 11 & Oracle 19c
  • High Resolution Display support (HDPI) (beyond HD)
  • New FCR Netting Analyzer module offering
    • New user interface (UI)
    • “Analyze All” - Mass agreement analysis capabilities
    • Direct agreement selection & filtering
    • Paging of results
    • Accessible from FCR Java & Web Client
  • Further extensions of the FCR template & document editor (Framesoft Docs) regarding
    • Clause Library & Clause handling
    • Template & Document editing / negotiation
    • Global Style handling
    • Document Generation
  • Workflow Engine enhancements
  • Framesoft Data Insight (FDI) integration

FCR 4.1 NA 
As mentioned above FCR 4.1 will be released in Q1-2020. 

For more information, please refer to the FCR 1-Pager or the FCR 4.0 release news published earlier this year. 
For an FCR 4.1 live demo, please get in touch with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




Zug, Nov 14, 2019: Framesoft Data Insight (FDI) 1.0 will be released in December 2019

As companies accumulate more and more data, the quality of data transformation and analysis becomes a high value in the process of modern business scaling. Furthermore, interrogating data and extraction of additional values hidden insight the high amount of data and making them available is the key to pace up business scaling.

Framesoft Data Insight (FDI) is the answer to this demand:

  • FDI let you analyze your data in real-time to make better decisions and predictions
  • FDI brings intelligence to unstructured data ownership and usage
  • FDI let you discover and analyze your data on demand with no infrastructure setup, nor time-consuming transformations or pre-processing of the data
  • FDI comes with a predefined set of business views which are the basis for your analysis and reports - there is no need to learn a query language, you can work with your data intuitively and ad-hoc

Example of Aggregation of data visualized via Dashboard / Chart

FDI News Dashboard

With Framesoft Data Insight (FDI) you will discover hidden insights from your data and transform huge amounts of raw data into actionable reports and dashboards. Business users can track key metrics, see longtime trends, identify outliners and unearth hidden insights by using FDI as add-on to any Framesoft solution.

Framesoft Data Insight (FDI) Key Benefits

  • FDI supports in depth data analysis & ad-hoc reporting as well as Standard Reporting and Dashboarding
  • Access to your accurate real-time data provided via Pre-defined business views as the basis for any analysis
  • FDI can be extended by additional business views at any time including re-use of existing reports and views
  • Easily create, distribute and re-use compelling reports and eye-catching dashboards
  • Filtering, Grouping and Pivot Mode
  • Linkage of business views and drill down to individual data record
  • Aggregations such as e.g. Average, Count, First, Last, Min, Max and Sum
  • Data & Dashboard export

FDI Drilldown example (from Agreements to Workflow or Clauses, etc.)

FDI News Drilldown

FDI will be offered as Add-on license to any Framesoft solution already acquired and will be available in December 2019.

For more information, please refer to the FDI 1-Pager or get in touch with Framesoft (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for an FDI live demo.




FSP Start Screen

Zug, 23 August 2019: Framesoft has released its major new version of Structured Products (FSP) 8.0.

With the provision of FSP Version 8.0, our customers will have an even more powerful & modern platform to further improve their business operations by decreasing the time to market, enhancing the overall flexibility and reducing the risk of failures.

The considerable enhancements of FSP Version 8.0 comprises:

  • New FSP User Interface (based on Modern Theme)
  • Enhanced Workflow Engine for managing the issuance, distribution as well as support processes
  • New Framesoft Docs Template & Document Editor incl. collaboration functionalities
  • Automated Documentation Test Suite
  • Interface Health Check Module
  • Many more functional enhancements
  • Framesoft Data Insight (FDI) add-on option

Framesoft Structured Products (FSP) Version 8.0 is available as of now.

For further Information, please download the FSP 1-Pager below.





FCR Start Screen 1 Pager New

Zug, 15 February 2019: Framesoft unveils another major landmark in its Contract Management Suite (FCM), the availability of the new Framesoft Contract Repository (FCR) Release 4.0.

The new FCR Release 4.0 offers major improvements and extensions regarding the

  • creation,
  • generation,
  • negotiation &
  • management

of any type of (Master) Contract / Agreement during its entire lifecycle.

In more detail FCR Release 4.0 offers the following innovations & improvements:

New FCR User Interface (UI)

  • New User Interface based on Modern Theme
  • New Side Bar for a fast and intuitive navigation
  • New Dashboard – a powerful, flexible & customizable Business Intelligence tool to embed analysis capability into FCR

FCR Business Enhancements

  • Perceptive Contract Versioning Module including Compare Mode
  • Jurisdiction specific extension of Netting Rules Engine
  • Extension of Workflow Engine with respect to agreement negotiation, Non-Standard Terms Approval and Legal Opinion handling
  • New FCR Netting Analyzer with enhanced user interface based on modern theme and mass data analysis capabilities
  • FCR Web Client (Add-on) for occasional FCR user offering access to Agreements, Counterparties, ToDo lists, new Netting Analyzer, Audit Information and dedicated Workflow tasks

FCR Template Configuration & Document Generation

  • Introduction of “Framesoft Docs” as the new template & document editor
  • Availability of a comprehensive Clause Library - integration of pre-approved clauses via drag & drop when generating agreements or other negotiable documents, eliminating the need to involve the legal team in every deal
  • Template & Document Search with powerful search and replace features within templates and documents
  • Extended Track Change management for negotiations / reviews by multiple parties
  • Commenting - provision of comments in contract terms or clauses to be shared with selected or all other groups involved in the contract generation. 

Additionally, Framesoft will introduce the

Framesoft Online Negotiation for Master Agreements (FON for MA)

  • As a further extension of the Framesoft Contract Management Suite, FON for MA offers a versatile secure online platform for negotiating any kind of contract. It supports the secure and efficient online creation & negotiation of any type of agreement with your counterparties or internally.
  • To support a seamless FCM integration generated contracts (including its data points) can be uploaded from FCR via “FCR Bridge”. Once a negotiation is concluded successfully the contract terms agreed can be passed back to FCR for reconciliation and netting via FCR Bridge again.

 as well as the

Framesoft Data Insight (FDI) 

  • Framesoft Data Insight (FDI) provides direct access to data stored in FCR based on predefined business views for analysis, business intelligence or reporting purposes. 
  • Business users can analyze the data on demand with no infrastructure setup and no time-consuming transformations, pre-processing or metadata management.
  • FDI also provides a report library, where users can store and publish their reports for re-use or share it with other users.
  • Furthermore, it supports the linkage of business views, as well as a drill-down to more detailed data items
  • Any report or result set can be easily exported to MS Excel or transformed in a dashboard / grpahical representation    



Zug, 26 October 2017: Framesoft unveils the Framesoft Online Negotiation Platform (FON) for Master Agreements. 

Framesoft Online Negotiation (FON) for Master Agreements is the online platform for electronically negotiating (master) agreements: 

  • FON for Master Agreements is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution which is offered to its subscribers via the internet. As such it delivers extremely quick adaptation, paired with low cost and minimal risk of implementation
  • FON for Master Agreements simplifies the administration, enhances the transparency as well as speeds up the negotiation process between the negotiation parties. The centralized documents on the FON platform mean no inconsistencies, breaks or version conflicts in any negotiation
  • FON subscribers simply invite counterparties to a negotiation. The invited counterparties do not have to be subscribers; all they need is internet access
  • FON subscribers can upload and maintain their own library of draft agreements, annexes and schedules on the platform

FON for Master Agreements negotiations are conducted in a logical, well defined process:




Key benefits of using FON for Master Agreements

  • One Contract document for the entire negotiation: no inconsistencies, breaks or version conflicts
  • Contract data attributes remain an integral part of the contract throughout the whole negotiation
  • FON's integrated document editor
    • safeguards data items to ensure data integrity and seamless backward reconciliation into corporate systems
    • speeds up negotiation by supporting parallel negotiation workflows on distinct clauses of the contract
  • Reduction of legal, credit and operational risk
  • Optimization of negotiation workflow through business process reengineering
  • Full audit trail of the negotiation process
  • Any number of parties may be involved in a negotiation. New parties may be added whenever they are required
  • Negotiation can consist of any number of documents
  • Secure access to contracts; both parties access a single version of the contract via a high security link using tunnelling and encryption
  • Turnkey Solution - does not require any specific installation of software or hardware


A full ‘round-trip’ integration with Framesoft Contract Repository (FCR) allows a seamless (Master) Agreement setup and negotiation process. All required data items can be fed back into FCR for further processing and netting evaluations: 


Uploading a Master Agreement including data points from FCR via "FCR Bridge":


FON for MA - Agreement Reconciliation to FCR:



Framesoft Online Negotiation (FON) for Master Agreements will be available in 2019.